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Sustainable development

Today sustainable development is an important issue for every company. It corresponds to a "development which answers to present needs without compromising future generations' capacity to answer to theirs" (World Commission on Environment and Development 1987).

More and more of SME are sensitive about this problematic, thereby, I-TRACING, a start-up company in the sector of Internet Security consulting and engineering commits itself, and puts into practice principles of sustainable development;

The I-TRACING sustainable development policy consists of commitments which articulate around three axes:

• The environment with reduction of waste, control of the energy, and conservation of the biodiversity;

• The social with fight against all the sorts of discriminations as well as the sensitization of the employees to the commitments of the company for the sustainable development;

• The economic with the fight against corruption and the choice of respectful of environmental and rights of the people partners with a choice of preference for the purchase of responsible or united products.

I-TRACING signed the World Pact of United Nations and its ten fundamental principles.

I-TRACING Corporate social responsibility and Environmental Charter resumes the various initiatives around these issues of the sustainable development as well as the action plans for years to come.

Its goal is to make sensitive the employees in the environmental, social, economic stakes, and to communicate the actions organized to answer these objectives. It encourages its customers and suppliers to subscribe to the values of her sustainable development policy and to adopt a responsible approach.